Your website needs to feel like a coffee shop. Here’s why.

Think about your favorite place to meet a friend or business associate for coffee. Does it feel like a waiting room at the hospital? You know, bad lightning, uncomfortable furniture, even more uncomfortable silences. Or does it feel like one of the most welcoming places you can think of? The best coffee shops will have […]

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Leveling up to 6-star service through social media

“It’s better to have 100 fans that love you than 1 million fans that like you.” — Y Combinator founder Paul Graham This was the advice that galvanized Airbnb founder Brian Chesky into creating a paradigm for service beyond five stars. Chesky shared this story in an interview with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman during a […]

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LinkedIn provides business intelligence you can’t afford to live without (and you don’t need to pay LinkedIn a penny to get it)

Big Data. Business Intelligence. Predictive Analytics. Strategies reserved for huge companies with huge budgets, right? Wrong. Have a LinkedIn profile? This article is for you. Last year, Microsoft turned heads in the tech and social media world when it bought LinkedIn for $26 billion. That’s 26,000 million dollars. As a company that had never dabbled […]

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