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How I Earned a Feature in Forbes With Social Media

Your phone rings. When you answer, it’s a journalist from the most important media source you can possibly think of. Wave a magic wand. Who is it? Oprah? The New York Times? CNBC? That pinnacle for me is Forbes. Why? My target audience (those running professional services practices) not only read Forbes, but they trust it as […]

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Fix Yours

Why most New Year's Resolutions Fail

You’ve made New Year’s Resolutions before and — like so many well-intentioned ideas — they simply haven’t worked out. Don’t feel bad; 92% of people are in your same boat. Why is that? Because January 1st is meaningless. The enthusiasm associated with the clean slate of a new year is incredibly fleeting. After a few days we revert to […]

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