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Effective social media advertising in the age of ad blockers

To best navigate ad blockers, I suggest concentrating ad dollars on the social media platforms themselves, and not ad networks. This means shifting from programmatic buying to directly buys. Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., visitors typically access these sites via an app (as opposed to a browser), and the social network controls the […]

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Your LinkedIn headline – why it’s better to be specific

How did you choose your LinkedIn headline? Was it a conscious choice or a default (job title, etc.)? Here’s my decision-making process: First, my LinkedIn headline is this – Financial Services Social Media Strategies – Only After I Prove They Work Myself 🔴 Speaker 🔴 Author of ROTOMA I use almost all the characters I’m possibly allowed (120 as […]

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What’s old to you is new to 99.9% of your target audience

My friend Jennifer Bettencourt from Boston-based law firm Goulston & Storrs recently shared this from an article she wrote from Law Journal Newsletters Marketing The Law Firm – “Repurposing content is the key to a successful content-based marketing campaign.” This is such a great, great point. So much time is used to develop content, and we […]

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