What’s old to you is new to 99.9% of your target audience

My friend Jennifer Bettencourt from Boston-based law firm Goulston & Storrs recently shared this from an article she wrote from Law Journal Newsletters Marketing The Law Firm

“Repurposing content is the key to a successful content-based marketing campaign.”

This is such a great, great point. So much time is used to develop content, and we can all justify making more of an effort to ensure this great content is actually seen.  What is old to you is new to 99.9% of all other people (according to a stat I just made up), and especially with social media, repeat postings of past videos/articles/podcasts is critical. 

What have you written or produced that you were so proud of at the time, but haven’t revisited? Find that great piece of content and share it again on social media today.