How to make your speeches memorable and engaging

After doing 60 public speaking events in 2018, here’s a format I’ve developed that I hope will help you with your presentations. Whether it’s a speech to a large or small audience, this 4-step plan will help you convey your ideas, and – just as importantly – get your audience to take action –

I’ll use examples from a speech I give when presenting to attorneys about social media:

1.) Pose a question to get audience to nod their head and acknowledge a problem. Ideally, this should be something relatable to what they experience. Example: “How many of you know you could grow your law practice if you just knew how to use social media effectively?”

2.) Tell a story to showcase someone in a similar situation. Example: “Charles is the chairman of a law firm. Despite being in his mid 60s, he knows how powerful social media can be for both meeting people and staying top-of-mind with his ideal clients.”

3.) Share a success of the person in the story. Example: “Through the effective use of social media, Charles now has meetings with four executive decision-makers through initiating conversations on LinkedIn messaging.”

4.) Give the audience a prescription on how to do the same. “By following the three steps I’m going to give you now, you can emulate the success Charles is experiencing.”

Are you using a structure like this now in your presentations? Do these tips help you?