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What does “Attract New and Better Customers” mean?

What does "Attract New and Better Customers" mean?The slogan on our homepage proposes you can “Attract New and Better Customers” by turning your website into a teaching tool. You might be thinking, “Wait, so do you mean the customers I have now aren’t very good?” No way. Customers are better than no customers, right? However, once we identify whom we’re targeting we can use our website to attract the ideal customer. This article will answer the question – what does “Attract New and Better Customers” mean?

Every business needs more revenue or better revenue

Every business needs one of two things: more revenue or better revenue. More revenue is obviously a clear goal, but what does better revenue mean? Better revenue can be thought of this way – think about your best customer. I mean, really think about that person (or company). Does it put a smile on your face? Now imagine we take that person and multiply her by ten. Or 100. Would that make doing business more fun? And more profitable? That’s better revenue.

“Better customers” is another way of saying better revenue. Attaching a person to a concept, if you will. So what’s the easiest way to attract more of the customers you really love? By using your website to teach them.

Use your website to answer the questions your best customer asks

Take a moment to think about your best customer. What did that person ask when you first met? Was she a novice in regard to your industry, or an expert? Were her questions general in nature or were they very pointed and specific? Start with emails and your notes from phone calls or in-person meetings. How did you grow this relationship into one you now cherish? What kind of questions was she asking and what answers were you providing?

Now, pull up your website. Can the answers to the questions she asked be easily found? Or, is your website more of a commercial about your company? What if you could make your website all about that ideal customer? Possessing the knowledge and expertise simply isn’t enough anymore. If we want more of these ideal customers to find us, we need to share your answers to her questions.

Attract more and better customersNew and better customers come to you

If 57% of product/service research is done before a customer even calls you, this means over half of her decision-making process will be done on the Internet. If you don’t make it known on your website, you’re hiding your proverbial lamp under a bushel. Google and other search engines won’t know where to find you.

So, here’s the question – do you want new and better customers coming to you, or do you want to find them like you have in the past? If you want them coming to you, start solving people’s problems better than anyone else in your industry by turning your website into a teaching tool.

The two-step process to attract new and better customers

  1. Find all the interactions you can between you and your best customer
  2. Start writing articles about those interactions

Whether you’re in a regulated industry or not, it’s important we protect the confidentiality of your customers. How? Just use anecdotes in your articles instead of mentioning specifics. Speak in generalities instead of using names or other easily identifiable information.

How can you attract new and better customers?

Teaching-Based Marketing eBook Download

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Spencer helps you save time through teaching digital marketing and social media strategies in plain English, after proving they actually work for himself and his company AmpliPhi first. He also is an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University.

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