Why should you turn your website into a teaching tool?

Your website - a teaching tool to grow your businessAre your customers more informed than in the past? Do you find they’re asking much better questions because they’ve been teaching themselves with the resources on the Internet? Of course. The Internet affected your industry just like everyone else’s. What can you do to be the one answering the questions your customers pose? Look to the website you already have to be a teaching tool to grow your business. Google performs over 3.5 Billion searches per day, and when you answer customer questions on your website, Google will send more and more free traffic to you. Learn more in a 3 minute lesson on how Google and SEO really work.

Your website can become the best salesperson you employ, working 365 days a year without a break. If you’re not taking the opportunity to teach your customers with your website, they’re getting their information from a third-party site or competitor. Instead of being an electronic version of your brochure – or worse, a commercial stating why your company is so important – use the knowledge everyone at your company already possesses to teach your customers with your website.

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Watch this SlideShare (viewed over 3700 times since being created in mid-December 2014) based on an article featured in Madison, Wisconsin’s InBusiness Magazine in December 2014.

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Transcript ofTurn your website into a teaching tool to grow your business SlideShare presentation

  1. Reason #1 – 2014 Pew Research studyPew Research website teaching tool grow business
  2. Are you better informed on…
    1. 81% – Things to buy
    2. 68% – My hobbies
    3. 49% – Local activities
  3. Everyone knows a lot more before buying things
  4. Reason #2 – Google + Corporate Executive Board studyGoogle website teaching tool grow business
  5. Before they call you…
    1. Due-diligence – 57%
    2. Engage vendor – 43%
  6. Over half their research is done without you
  7. Old sales cycle
    1. They call you
    2. Gather information
    3. Due-diligence
  8. New sales cycle
    1. Gather information
    2. Due-diligence
    3. Then…they call you
  9. So…is your site a commercial or a teaching tool?
  10. People are going to get their information from somewhere
  11. Will it be from you? Or will it be from a competitor of yours?
  12. How do you teach on your website?
    1. What questions do you get every week?
    2. Start answering them on your website