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ALA 2016 Business of Law Conferences Spencer X Smith preview

Hey my friends from the Association of Legal Administrators, I’m Spencer X Smith and I am so excited whether I get to see you in Boston, Phoenix, or Indianapolis this year, I’m fortunate enough to do three presentations for you. The first being on Thursday night with a Bold Bites and “How You Can Launch A Rocket From Your Smartphone.” On Saturday, we’ll be talking about how you can do cash balance retirement plans for your firm in plain English, and then finishing up on Saturday, we’ll be talking about how you can break through the digital clutter and do great digital marketing and social media marketing with your firm. I can’t wait to see you there, and thanks so much again for having me this year.

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About the Author

Spencer helps you save time through teaching digital marketing and social media strategies in plain English, after proving they actually work for himself and his company AmpliPhi first. He also is an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University.

Spencer X Smith

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