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Social media lesson from 3,000 sales meetings

“Things work so well that you stop doing them.”

Between the years of 2008 in 2015, I did about 3,000 in-person sales meetings. There’s an old adage in sales that things work so well that you stop doing them.

You may say, “Well that sounds kind of silly. Why would that be the case?

After all of these sales meetings you start to get bored yourself, so things that work so well – you go – “I should probably change this up and try something else to keep myself entertained.”

That’s probably what’s going on at your business right now. You’re providing some kind of benefit that’s free or low-cost that can really help get people in the door, and you’re simply not amplifying it because you think to yourself, “Doesn’t everybody know that we do this?” The answer is no.

So, next time you’re wondering, “What should I be sharing on social media?”

Look at the things around you that you are already providing as a benefit – that’s become old to you – that you can turn around and promote to your audience, and say, “Hey, this is something that you can take advantage of right now and we’d love to have you here.”

Before you go, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and share in the comments the benefits that you found objectively – after taking a step back – that you realize that you probably haven’t been amplifying via social media correctly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll talk to you next time.

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About the Author

Spencer helps you save time through teaching digital marketing and social media strategies in plain English, after proving they actually work for himself and his company AmpliPhi first. He also is an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University.

Spencer X Smith

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