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Do Social Media The Walt Disney Way – How To “Plus It”

Video transcript –

In this video, I’ll share with you how to know definitively – right away – if your social media posts are “good enough.”

Hey it’s Spencer X Smith. One thing that hear when I give speeches or work with clients is, “How do I know if what I’m putting out there on social media is “good enough?”

Oftentimes, we get in our own way because we want things to be so perfect that we never end up pushing that publish button.

Here’s a really easy way to think about this –

Back when Walt Disney was working with his animators on the original Disney cartoons, his animators would come to him and give him something – and he’d take a look at their art – and say can you “plus” this? Can you improve on this a little bit?

They would go back and forth until eventually the animator said, “No, I can’t do anything more with this.” At that point Walt Disney would sign off.

Now, when it comes to you and what you share on social media I want you to think about this same thing. I want you to take a look at what you’re going to share and say, “Can I plus this?” but then also add a small caveat as well. IF I plus this is it going to make it that much better?

If I turn this simple article into a full infographic , or I make a specialty graphic that”s going to depict what i put in the article – or in the share – is that really going to matter?

Look at it from a very binary standpoint. Say, “If I’m going to invest the extra time to make this thing as good as I possibly can, is that going to be worth it?” Once you create that list of stuff and say, “I could do all these other things – but feel good about what you’re NOT doing – it will make it so much easier to push the publish button, and just get it out the door.

So, use the plus it that idea from Walt Disney in your social media shares and you’ll see your content creation start to step up dramatically.

Thanks so much for watching. Before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe to me here on YouTube and let me know in the comments how you feel about what I said. Thanks so much for tuning in, and I’ll talk to you next time.

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Spencer helps you save time through teaching digital marketing and social media strategies in plain English, after proving they actually work for himself and his company AmpliPhi first. He also is an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University.

Spencer X Smith

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