Childlike curiosity – a lesson from Seth Godin

I exchanged emails with Seth Godin, author of 18 bestselling books, about his research process regarding human behavior, and here was his reply verbatim –

thanks Spencer

I notice things

saw the line



A little backstory: after hearing Seth’s interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast, I asked him specifically about a line of people he saw in NYC for clothing brand juggernaut Supreme.

Seth said the majority of people in this line were there to buy & flip the clothing for a profit, and he learned this fact after simply stopping to ask them. In the interview, then, he shared this story about Supreme and their positioning in the marketplace.

Do you know what’s awesome about his approach? It’s evidence of why none of us should be scared to ask questions.

The more quickly we can overcome apprehension, and the more readily we can get past looking/feeling stupid, the more easily we can learn and apply new insights. Big thanks to Erin R. Ogden for planting the seed of that last sentence.

Have you maintained your childlike degree of curiosity and continued asking questions? Or have you stopped?