Video follow-up how-to from Spencer X Smith after Social Media Advertising on a Community Bank Budget presentation at Wisconsin Bankers Association LEAD360 Conference on 11/12/18

So, you’re minding your own business and browsing Facebook. Then, there it is again! Those shoes, in the size you wear, in the color you like, popping up as an ad in your Facebook feed. How does that happen? Cookies? Yep. But what else? And, more importantly, how can you use the power of the “Creepy Facebook Ad” to your advantage in your business? In this session, Spencer X Smith will both show you exactly how the technology works, and how you can implement the power of targeted digital marketing to grow your revenue. Facebook made over $5 billion in profit alone last quarter, and you'll see exactly why.

Read Spencer's article in the October 2018 issue of Wisconsin Banker - Social Media Strategies That Actually Work For Banks

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