Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) - Spencer X Smith Keynote Speaker

Spencer X Smith – Keynote Speaker, University of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is the private, nonprofit patent and licensing organization for the University of Wisconsin–Madison, one of the world’s great research universities. WARF was founded in 1925 and is ranked sixth in the world in patents obtained for new technologies, with 160 patents issued in 2013 alone. It’s portfolio of over 1,600 patents covers a wide range of categories, including analytical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, food products, agriculture, research tools, medical devices, pluripotent stem cells, clean technology, information technology and semiconductors. WARF also owns the patent to Vitamin D.

WARF was seeking a Keynote Speaker for Entrepreneurons

From the WARF website – “Entrepreneurons is a WARF series focused on bringing the fundamentals of getting a new venture started to the UW–Madison community. Created in partnership with the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the UW–Madison School of Business, the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic, and others on campus, Entrepreneurons brings together thought leaders from across the country and our own backyard to exchange perspectives on core topics ranging from identifying an opportunity to building a startup team to financing and beyond. Join us for illuminating examples, discussions and networking as we meet throughout the academic year. Each session will feature a keynote speaker with national exposure followed by a panel discussion among local experts.”

WARF letter of recommendation When Entrepreneurons was seeking a Keynote Speaker for their January 27, 2015 event, they found Teaching-Based Marketing by Spencer X. Smith to be a perfect fit. The presentation was created to both discuss growing one’s network & revenue via their online presence. Was it successful? Read the recommendation letter from WARF Director of Programming Laura Heisler here.

The lessons learned from Teaching-Based Marketing can apply to all fields of business and personal development. For more information about Teaching-Based Marketing, please download the free eBook on the site to see how the principles can work for you. Ready to get to work right away? Hire Spence to speak at your event or conference.

Full 90 minute video of Keynote Speech and panel discussion –

Spencer X. Smith keynote | WARF Entrepreneurons: Building your networks | 1.27.15