3 steps to growing your law practice through blogging

3 Steps to Growing Your Law Practice Through Blogging

Remember when you were a 1L? You weren’t quite a wet-behind-the-ears undergraduate freshman, but the whole legal realm was probably still a bit overwhelming. You watched The Paper Chase and you mentally prepared yourself to be asked any question at any time. But then something amazing happens. You wander into Torts and the professor says […]

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Customers vs users: why both are important

Business planning 101 – distinguish very quickly between customers and users in your business. Customers give you money, users don’t. If we have any hope of running a business that perseveres, we need to have revenue, right? Conventional wisdom says, then, that we should consider focusing on those potential customers while distancing ourselves from the users. […]

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How McDonald’s is teaching about business transparency

Have you seen this McDonald’s commercial? Link to the video Why would the company that invented the special sauce – also known as the “secret sauce” on their Big Mac sandwiches – want to answer their customers’ questions online? Aren’t they worried about other restaurants stealing their ideas? Aren’t they concerned that competitors will use this […]

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Why do Huggies and Pampers want to help potty train our kids?

Disposable diapers are a $5 billion per year business in the U.S. alone. Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Pampers, can attribute 12 percent of its total sales to the diaper, making it their largest brand. P&G controls 30.9 percent of the North American diaper market, and lags only Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies at 38.7 percent. Yet, […]

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Have you hugged an entrepreneur today?

With just over a month remaining until elections on November 4th, we’re heading into the home stretch of mudslinging, err, campaigning season. Regardless of political affiliation, both parties love to take credit for creating jobs while bashing the other side for losing or not creating them. Despite their rhetoric, we all know there are business […]

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