Have you hugged an entrepreneur today?

With just over a month remaining until elections on November 4th, we’re heading into the home stretch of mudslinging, err, campaigning season. Regardless of political affiliation, both parties love to take credit for creating jobs while bashing the other side for losing or not creating them. Despite their rhetoric, we all know there are business […]

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Teach customers with your website: why and how

Law Firm Marketing - Teaching Based Marketing

What expectations do you have from your website? Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, it’s almost for certain you have one. Should it be a digital business card?  Should it be a lengthier version of your advertising brochure? Or could it be much, much more? If 57% of the average business-to-business […]

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How to destroy your brand overnight

Earlier this week, specialty food maker Annie’s Homegrown announced they’re selling to General Mills for $820 million.  The reception has been less than favorable on social media, and it appears as though Annie’s Homegrown is now a classic case study on how to destroy your brand overnight (according to some people). Why did this happen? […]

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