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Are you getting results from your digital marketing & social media efforts? Are you paying for vague services without knowing what really works?

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About Me

Clients work with me when they want to achieve measurable increases in revenue from their social media and digital marketing efforts. I help you build the strategy to grow your business first, and use plain English to help you understand what methods are worth doing – or not doing – with your business.

What makes me different? Everything I teach is based on things I’ve actually done. The ideas I share are what I use every day in my businesses, and only through experiencing the success and failure of these ideas can I confidently advise on them. Want to see real-life versions of any of the ideas I ask you to implement? Just ask and I’ll share them.

Spencer X. Smith is based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA and can be reached at (608) 616-0401. You can also contact me by clicking the link below.

Spencer X Smith Bio

Spencer X Smith is the founder of social media marketing company AmpliPhi, and an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University. He's formerly a VP of Sales for two Fortune 100 companies.

Spencer is deemed a "Social Media Expert" by Forbes, and AmpliPhi is the winner of five consecutive (2016-2020) InBusiness Magazine Executive Choice Awards for Social Media Consulting Company. Spencer has spoken at over 250 events since 2015, including a presentation at the New York Stock Exchange in 2017.

His book "ROTOMA: The ROI of Social Media Top of Mind" was featured in Forbes, and is an Amazon Bestseller.

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Spencer has been featured and quoted in ForbesThe Huffington PostMoney MagazineEntrepreneurInc. magazineYahoo Small Business AdvisorMSN MoneyCostco Connection and dozens of other publications. 

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The business experiences that have shaped Spencer

Playing drums in, and managing a rock band

The band, Myopic Son, released three albums, toured extensively for six years, and had the opportunity to play many awesome venues, including Milwaukee’s Summerfest, a dream for Spencer since he grew up watching bands perform there.

Once Myopic Son played Summerfest (the World’s Largest Music Festival) they could play almost anywhere else they asked. Why? They were vetted by the best. Spencer has written extensively on how to develop The Summerfest Effect for your business. Hint: it starts with developing your one-of-a-kind brand by becoming the best teacher in your industry.

Spencer X Smith sales award from The Hartford

Participating in over 3,000 face-to-face sales meetings over the course of seven years

This taught Spencer the power of teaching those who would become your clients, and why you can never make things too simple.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re competing based on price? In Spencer’s experience that happened when his solution was simply seen as a commodity. To avoid this situation, we need to be seen as the expert. We need to teach our potential customers not only what they should know, but also what questions they should be asking.

Xavier Technologies website circa 2005

Building and selling a technology company

Now, since data is available on literally anything we do online, how do we determine what’s important and what to measure? Spencer has shared exactly what data to ignore, and what to watch with earnest.

What’s the reason the company had value? The company evolved from a break/fix technician-style model to one of an ongoing consultative relationship. Spencer would love to show you how to create a subscription-style model with your business as well.

This is a screenshot of the company's website from 2005.

Founding and operating a real estate investing company

What’s the best thing about investment real estate? Predictable, recurring revenue every single month. Is it easy? No way. Over the past 17 years, Spencer and his team have implemented systems to streamline operations and assure consistent experiences for our residents.

When we work with you and your team, and ask you to develop systems, know that it’s because we’ve seen the value in them. Interested in learning more about the value of systems? Read What Is Your Business Really Worth?

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